Renewing water use
of the present to ensure the
challenges of the future

Evapo-control is a registered trademark of the company Arana WM, a specialist in developing, producing and marketing products and services for the management and saving of water.

Its registered trademark EVAPO-CONTROL is the first generation of floating modules to prevent evaporation and proliferation of algae specifically designed for the agricultural environment.

The effects of climate change will lead to a decrease in the availability of water resources, with greater evaporation and less recharge of aquifers. Irrigated agriculture will be the sector most affected by the foreseeable limitation in the use of its most important resource, and we must take into account its importance not only for food, but also from a landscape perspective, the sustainability of ecosystems, the reduction of desertification and the development of rural areas.

The economic, social and environmental sustainability of the water sectorwill be ensured with investments in control and exploitation measures, and these control measures must be aligned with the economic, social and environmental profitability of agriculture. From this need arises the idea of ​​creating a product like Evapocontrol that provides the farmer with relevant savings. We want to take responsibility for improving water management in irrigation ponds to increase the availability of a vital resource.

Droughts endangered the fragile ecological balance all over the world, but also threatened to destabilize the no less fragile agricultural sector. Semi-arid regions that depends on agricultural activity are at high risk if we do not control and take advantage of the water resources that we have. We must remember that agriculture can be in danger if we do not create a true example of awareness and a conservation space that respects the availability of water and the biodiversity of our landscapes.

The need to act to create change and make sustainable development a reality is a crucial factor in regions with irregularity in time and space of available water resources.  We must thank farmers, irrigation communities and public and private water managers for the investments made in hydraulic works, reservoirs and ponds that have allowed the economic and social development of recent years. Now we must turn that development into sustainability with environmental measures that ensure resources.

Irrigation ponds, in semi-arid conditions, lose 1.8 m3 of water annually for every m2 of outdoor storage area. In Europeevaporation losses are estimated in approximately 80 billion of m3 of water per year of which 2.68 to 3.76 billion of m3 is directly caused by agricultural water reservoirs.

Evapocontrol is a definitive technology to help farmers and companies aware of the sustainability of their activity to better manage their water resources, improving water quality and reducing evaporation from ponds by up to 80%.

An environmentally friendly product with the highest technology.

Evapocontrol exclusively uses top quality 100% recyclable high-density polyethylene including in its formulation 15% recycled plastic from approved sources, free of phytosanitary, fertilizers and pesticides, and therefore does not compromise the food safety of the water it protects.

Its water and carbon footprint are much lower than the rest of the solutions. The exclusive return system once its useful life is over guarantees its complete recycling and allows minimizing the circulation of new raw materials, achieving an environmentally circular management of its life cycle.


Water is a great need,
taking advantage of it is our responsibility.