Renewing our commitment
for the management of water and
new sustainable horizons

Evapo-control is a definitive patented solution for agriculture that modernizes technologically the agricultural reservoirs thanks to the development of an innovative generation of floating modules that prevent the evaporation and proliferation of algae.

Our technology allows us to advance towards an integrated water system where water resources are optimized during storage, minimizing the costs associated with water.

characteristics and solutions

Avoid evaporation
up to 80%

Evapo-Control allows to avoid the evaporation of the reservoirs up to 80% presenting a construction adaptable to the geometry of any reservoir and its slope, allowing also the installation of any other continuous or discontinuous floating element.

Control algae, prevents off-odors and improves
water filtration.

Evapo-Control is a system based on floating modules developed from recyclable and reusable materials, with a durability of more than 15 years without impact on the environment, that reduces the evaporation, which controls algae growth, diminishes the filtration costs of water and which improve water quality.

Better relation

Our product has become the best alternative to promote the optimization of stored water and its management in reservoirs, making society aware of the need for our water resources, offering the best technology / savings ratio for a  committed sustainable agriculture model against drought.

A design

Its innovative design allows resistance to strong winds, unmatched in the market, and does not accumulate organic matter on its surface.


Evapo-Control offers the best objectively guaranteed profitability given its proven efficiency in minimizing evaporation.


Thanks to its advanced technology, the floating modules can be transported and installed in a massive way, guaranteeing a rapid deployment of the system. The user himself can participate in all or part of this process.


More than 15 years of service life, resistance and reliability. Without diminishing its efficiency against evaporation.

Algae control

Evapo-control technology completely prevents the growth of algae. In the example, before and after covering a water pond with floating modules with just two months of difference between each image.

Go Agro-Evapocontrol

In the Agrinnova conference of the Ministry of Agriculture, Agro-Evapo-control presented an economic system for the agricultural system that allows the coverage of large liquid surfaces by means of isolated floating modules. In addition, the progress of a third generation G3 prototype and the experimental results of the tests at the facilities of the Polytechnic University of Cartagena were also presented.

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Easy deployment

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