The solution against evaporation evaporation evaporationmanagement costs.

Evapo-Control is a product that is born from the awareness of the environment against the scarcity of available water. It has been created from a deep concern for the sustainability of agriculture and has culminated being the most effective solution to evaporation and operational and maintenance costs in water reservoirs and ponds for the AGRICULTURAL sector.

Hydraulic storage infrastructures have been solving great challenges in the semi-arid regions for decades, the problem of seasonality in the water supply, however, it is a real challenge to adapt our reservoirs to the effects of climate change, modernizing storage technology and thus improving the efficiency of irrigation and the management of water resources.


Facing drought, Evapo-Control
offers efficiency, reliability and durability.

Water is a resource that represents
the greatest responsibility, take advantage of it
es is our challenge.


Multiple studies, companies and associations endorse Evapo-Control as the solution to water management and the prevention of evaporation in water reservoirs and ponds.

Thanks to this, we can guarantee a patented solution based on long-life floating modules that responds to the concerns of the agricultural sector with a dual purpose: affordable cost and recyclable materials, being awared that water is a source of life, and we must preserve it to everybody.

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